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If Your Eye's on the Prize... 
There's Nothing to Miss.

I'm coloring outside of the lines... only after having mastered how to color perfectly inside every line. Born and raised in Texas, you might find a little bulldog in me. And honey, stubborn dusted with sugar is still stubborn.  

I've been in marketing for years.  Marketing other people, companies large and small, and traveling the world (and the world wide web) to make magic happen for them.  


I'm taking it back to my roots.  Athletics and performing. I feel at home on a soccer field and energized on set. And if you've read this far, I'll buy you a coffee, glass of wine or a Savannah 88 (I'm in Georgia now, y'all!)


To get to know me better, please contact my representation, Houghton Talent.


Mean It,

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